Great News and a Huge Thank You!!

Herefordshire Council has reversed its proposal to withdraw our grant funding and will be maintaining our grant More »

Herefordshire CAB wins “Volunteer Team of the Year” 2013

Everyone involved with Herefordshire CAB was delighted when the team was crowned “Volunteer Team of the Year” More »


Hereford Drop-in service CLOSED on Thursday 16th October

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to open our drop-in service in Hereford on Thursday 16th October, due to a temporary shortage of volunteers. We’ll be open again on Friday and then back to normal the following week.

If you already have an appointment arranged with us on the 16th, this WON’T be affected and we will still be expecting you.

We’re really sorry that we can’t open on the 16th and for any inconvenience this causes.

Leominster Office Re-opening 1st September

Our Leominster office move is taking a little longer than we had hoped.

However, we’re pleased to announce that our new office will re-open on Monday 1st September.

Directions and details of our new office are available here. Please remember that we’ll only be open from Monday 1st September. If you need information or advice in the mean time, please call our Hereford office on 01432 270 536 and we’ll try to help you find the best way to get the help you need.

Homelessness: How your local council should help you

If you’re homeless and need help from your local council, or if you’d just like to know more about what councils should do to help those people who are homeless we have the answers. Join Bernard in our latest video where he answers some of the most common questions about housing for people who are homeless.

Job Opportunities

We are currently recruiting for several paid posts. For further details, including how to apply, please visit our Current Opportunities page.

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